Passports carried by UK members to prove age & identity for every day & nightlife
purposes are very often damaged, lost or stolen every year,  infact,  in a cost of £26 Million to


The UK public carrying driving licences to prove identity, as they display an unsafe amount of
personal information including home address & signature, a cost of £18.6 million to the UK
public for replacements


Tackling fraud due to stolen credit and debit cards

Combating crimes such as identity theft, a cost of over £58.9M since 2015

IDGO is not only targeted for those who enjoy attending festivals, concerts, nightclubs and
casinos but for the many other social activities and everyday purposes that require you to provide a verified age and identity.

These include tattoos and body modification, travelling on public transport around the UK (not just in and around London), post offices (parcel collection), bookmakers, supermarkets and banking.  









In 2014 - 2015, 270,000 people needed a replacement passport! Around 40% of these people were in their twenties which suggests approximately 10,000 passports a year are lost while on a night out or


I've been one of those people! 

What about you?  


Maybe you've had worries that the same would happen to your Passport whilst carrying them around with you to places like the supermarket, post office or your local Off Licence to prove your age and identity... Really, you shouldn't have to risk using your Passport at all! It is a very important document & should be kept safe until your ready to travel don't you think? 


Currently, the 2nd alternative proof of ID used in the UK is the Driving Licence. It does allow a more affordable option than your Passport but... should you need to use it to prove your age and identity not only are you unsafely displaying your home address but if you misplace it not only do you have the bother of going through the process of replacing it, there is still a great danger of becoming vulnerable to fraudulent activity including identity theft!  


Losing your wallet or purse can be a devastating experience, even more so when you are intoxicated with no means to safely return home. Not only have you lost your proof of identification, but also your cash, bank or credit cards and anything else that may have been inside.


London’s Mayor Sadiq Khan has announced plans with Transport for London (TFL) and open specific 24-hour underground train routes and services. Oyster cards are definitely quick and easy to get around with, but they only work within certain parts of London and cannot be used on the outskirts or outside of the City.

Oyster cards are not accepted on East Midlands Trains, Grand Central, Hull Trains, Virgin Trains, Virgin Trains East Coast services or any journeys starting or finishing outside the pay as you go areas either...


 IDGO is the solution!


IDGO is the UK’s 1st combined proof of identity and RFID contactless pre-paid card (*patent pending) for all UK public members aged 18 years and over!


A fresh, bold and securely combined personal state of the art proof of identity card which also offers a quick and safe alternative method of contactless payment for any occasion needed and to use whilst on the go!


Your all in one IDGO card will ease those days of new experiences, nights of adventure but most simply, suit your everyday lifestyle.


      "Sounds like you have a really exciting and innovative approach to the ID market and I’m excited to see how it will develop." Former National Director of Proof of Age Standards Scheme (PASS)


Not only for those who enjoy attending festivals, concerts, night clubs, casinos but for the many other social activities and various every day purposes that require you to prove age and identity on the go which can include travel, post offices, local shops and banking.


card!whats its intended to do and you lighten the load and gain peace of mind with just your IDGOThis means that your all-important items such as Passports & Driving Licences can now be kept safe for the sole use of


 Trademark ™  2019 and the registered company details, IDGO Ltd,  Company Number: 10217078

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IDGO Ltd. was founded and developed by a young person through the Prince's Trust Business Enterprise Programme. #supportthesolution