Identity fraud is a long existing and growing concern in the UK. Fraud due to stolen credit and debit cards has risen to its highest levels since its peak in 2006. Some £58.9million was lost in 2013, marking a 7 per cent increase on the previous year.

The total rises to £450.4million when crimes such as identity theft, cloned cards, computer viruses and internet scams are included – a 16 per cent increase on the previous year.

Identity theft specifically on bank cards, occurs when a criminal uses fraudulently obtained personal information to open or access card accounts in your name and without your knowledge. 


Stolen identities can be used to open new bank accounts, apply for loans and credit cards.

Identity thieves steal or obtain key pieces of personal information and use them to impersonate you and to commit crimes using your name and identity profile.

In addition to your name and address, criminals look for and use utility bills, driving licences, credit card and banking details, including statements, to carry out their activities. These will often include applying for birth certificates and passports in your name...

IDGO is a fresh and effective solution dedicated, developed and designed to provide you with a practical solution to protect and prevent yourself from being a victim of all types of ID fraud.

Make and take payments in less than a second!

The IDGO contactless payment solution is fast, convenient and secure. Cardholders hold their card up to a secure reader and a tiny antenna inside the card communicates with the terminal. Half a second later your sale or purchase is complete! For an additional layer of protection, each IDGO member will be gifted with a secure card holder wallet which has a built in patented technology data protection device to repel card readers/fraudulent activists.

Why make payments with IDGO?

  • No need to have the correct change

  • No more forgotten passwords or need to mess about entering your PIN in to the terminal every time

  • Quick & secure 2in1 solution. No need to carry additional proof of ID to purchase age restricted goods

  • No more wasted time queuing for so long; as contactless speeds up the time it takes to make a payment

  • Reduces the need to find a cash machine or carry cash

  • More safe & convenient than other types of payment

  • No need to carry an additional card or form of identification whilst on holiday

  • IDGO eliminates the need to check signatures and reduces the need to request PINs, making payment simple for staff and quicker for customers.

Where can I use my IDGO contactless card?

Contactless payment is accepted globally at merchants including retail stores, restaurants, pharmacies, supermarkets, convenience stores and at transit locations. These days you’ll even find contactless payment options in taxis, at vending machines and more are added everyday!

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IDGO Ltd. was founded and developed by a young person through the Prince's Trust Business Enterprise Programme. #supportthesolution