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IDGO (pronounced I’d go) is the UK’s 1st double-sided proof of age, identity and contactless prepaid card for all UK public members aged 18 years and over to safely use whilst on the go. The DGO card is the secure alternative to carrying a Passport or Driving Licence for everyday proof of identity purposes, age-restricted purchases and offers extra security to combat contactless card fraud.

IDGO has been licenced and accredited with the Proof of Age Standards Scheme (PASS) endorsed by the National Police Chief's Council (NPCC), the Security Industry Authority (S.I.A) and is backed by the UK Government, Trading Standards, the  Home Office and a wide range of associative organisations.

Dannii Joyette-Hadaway (CEO & Founder of IDGO) began developing the IDGO Company in 2015 during her time working in the events industry. It was where Dannii saw a large number of people from all ages and backgrounds who would be required to produce their valuable passports and DVLA licences upon entry. This included artists, event staff and attendees too.

News outlets would report on the same issues and Dannii would see countless social media posts regarding #lostpassports and event invitations would always clearly state NO ID, NO ENTRY, even if a high number may proceed to lose them by the end of the night. Dannii saw that these were not safe options to use, was easy access to identity fraud and were hugely inconvenient to everyone affected.

It was these experiences that the IDGO card developed from. The solution to preventing the horrible feeling you get when you take your passport with you on a night out, or if you need to take a quick trip to the local shop to purchase a bottle of wine or when you have to carry it to your front door to show to a random home delivery driver not to mention the long process and expensive replacement fees if you’ve accidentally lost it or if it’s been stolen! The IDGO Card is the tackle-all method to fill the very obvious gap and need for it in the market. 

Dannii went on to attract and align a brilliant team of professionals who can each see the absolute need and the vision for IDGO. The IDGO Team were awarded Most Innovative Fintech Start-up Company 2021 - Southern Enterprise Awards - SME News & Best Smart Card in the Smartcard category in the 2nd Edition of The European Technology Awards held at the Ritz Hotel in Paris in December 2021.

Our award-winning IDGO Team is expanding and are working together to launch the IDGO Card and Mobile App E-wallet throughout the UK from July 2022!

Eurpoean Technology Awards - Winners of best smartcard 2021
Southern Enterprise Awards - Most innovative FinTechSecurity start-up 2021


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