How secure do you feel carrying your Passport or Driving Licence to prove your age & identity for every day & nightlife purposes?
With such personal & important information displayed, including your home address & signature, they're not safe being carried in your bag, wallet or back pocket especially as it can leave you open to becoming a victim of ID theft & fraudulent activity!
Have you or anyone you know, ever lost or had a bank card stolen during the day or whilst on a night out?
These are huge problems that the public are facing across the UK every day! 
  IDGO is the solution! 

IDGO (pronounced I'd go) is the UK’s 1st combined proof of identity & contactless pre-paid card* for all UK members aged 18 years & over to use whilst on the go!
Your personalised IDGO card can be used for:
Festivals ** Concerts ** Night clubs ** Casinos ** Live act shows ** Restaurants ** Hotels ** Tattoos ** Job interviews ** Off Licence ** Supermarkets ** Post Office ** Delivery Packages ** Sporting Events ** Gaming ** Cinema ** Travel ** Fireworks ** Betting ** Bingo ** Pharmacies** & More !! 
And the many other various purposes that require you to prove age and identity in order to gain entry into over 18 premises or purchase age-restricted goods.
All IDGO cardholders will have the ability to top up & make secure contactless payments whether on the go or online 24/7! 
You can even use your IDGO card worldwide as a valid proof of age & identity card to gain entry into over 18 premises or purchase age-restricted goods while you're on holiday!

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 Trademark ™  2019 and the registered company details, IDGO Ltd,  Company Number: 10217078

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IDGO Ltd. was founded and developed by a young person through the Prince's Trust Business Enterprise Programme. #supportthesolution