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IDGO (pronounced I'd go) is the UK’s 1st combined proof of identity & contactless pre-paid card company.


The IDGO Card is an innovation developed for the purpose of offering a safe alternative of providing a proof of age & identity document for every day & nightlife purposes, whilst on the go.


Alongside this, the IDGO Card features a more secure way of making contactless payments & further protection from identity, bank & credit card fraud. 

The all in one, tackle all solution for all aged 18 & over!

In Dec 2019 we successfully passed the strict auditing process & IDGO gained accreditation with the Proof of Age Standard Scheme (PASS) & we are now preparing to launch the award-winning IDGO Card & Mobile Application. 

The PASS Accreditation means the IDGO card & company is backed by PASS board, theHome Office, the National Police Chief Council (NPCC) & the Security Industry Authority. This initiative is also supported by the Britsh Beer & Pub Association (BPA), the British Institute of Inn Keeping (BII), The Wine & Spirit Trade Association (WSTA), the Association of Convenience Stores (ACS) & UK Hospitality.​​

The Problem

Over 360,000 Passports are lost, stolen, or damaged, now costing over £26M every year!

The Driving Licence displays every personal detail a fraudster needs to steal your identity & over £18.6M is spent every year on replacements!

Over £2B stolen from UK credit and debit cards in the last year, nearly 1 in 10 UK adults (9%) have been defrauded via their debit or credit card in the last year, equating to 4.7M people across the country. 

The Solution


Developed for ALL aged 18 years & over!

The IDGO Card is not only for those who enjoy attending festivals, concerts, night clubs, and casinos but for the many other social activities and everyday purposes that require you to prove age and identity.


These include tattoos and body modification, traveling on public transport around the UK (not just in and around London), post offices, parcel collections, bookmakers, supermarkets, banking & others!

Be the 1st to download the FREE Mobile App & apply for your IDGO Card.

Be the 1st to download the IDGO APP and get your IDGO CARD

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